History of the Ministry

  • Ministry started in the fall Semester of 1998.
  • Weekly Bible study started on Friday after the kickoff Picnic with students mostly from China.
  • InFocus is at the present time ministering Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist and Christian students
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Ministry Team Members


  • Drs Huggy and Kim An
  • Professor and Mrs Bob and Lynn Frederick
  • Professor and Mrs Earl and Jean Wells
  • Dr and Mrs Rob and Sunmi Sheldon
  • Dr and Mrs David and Margaret Powell
  • Mr and Mrs John and Maria Chisum
  • Rev and Mrs Harold and Sandy Bryer 
  • Dr and Mrs Bijan and Beth Nemati
  • Dr Seth Waldecker
  • Mrs Susan Long
  • Mrs I-Yuan Chang


  • Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
  • Southwood Presbyterian Church
  • Central Presbyterian Church